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What are Lumineers?
A Lumineer is a special type of ultra-thin veneer, made from Cerinate a special, very strong and durable patent porcelain material. They are often referred as contact lenses for your teeth, as they can be only 0.3 mm thick. Lumineers are exclusively made at the Cerinate Smile Design Studio in the United States.

What sets Dental Clinic Lebanon apart from other practices that provide LUMINEERS?

Ferrari Dental Clinic is the Exclusive Official Provider for LUMINEERS in Lebanon. Our privilege of being the Exclusive Official Provider for LUMINEERS in Lebanon is the availability to provide the LUMINEERS by Cerinate in 6 days and to give you a 5 years international warranty from the Cerinate labs in the USA.

The Lumineers Procedure:
Lumineers are so thin that they can be adhered to an existing tooth or teeth without the need to first remove of the tooth's structure (like traditional veneers require). This makes the choice to select Lumineers a less invasive procedure than other porcelain veneer applications.
The process to apply Lumineers is quick and painless. Only two short visits are required one to make a precision mold and select the proper shade of color, and then another to adhere the Lumineers to the teeth.
Lumineers offer beautiful, permanently white teeth whose color will not dull or fade over time and that beauty should last 20 years or more! With Lumineers you get:

  • A painless procedure
  • Sensitivity-free results
  • Permanently white results that last
  • A quick and easy process

Lumineers vs. Traditional Veneers Traditional veneers and their thick nature require the grinding down of your original tooth structure. This can be a painful, anxious experience that many patients would prefer to avoid. Lumineers are unique in that they are ultra-thin (approximately 0.3 mm) and made from special patented cerinate porcelain that is very strong but much thinner than traditional laboratory- fabricated veneers. The main advantage of these ultra-thin veneers is that minimal tooth preparation is required. In other words, very little - if any - of your natural tooth structure needs to be removed through shaving or grinding prior to bonding the Lumineers over your natural teeth. They are also highly translucent, allowing them to replicate the natural appearance of enamel. Lumineers are so thin they require little to no tooth reduction and no shots. Once the procedure is completed, there is no tooth sensitivity or placement discomfort, so they look and feel natural from the moment they are placed. With Lumineers you can eat and drink anything you want with confidence because they are applied in the most durable way possible.

Lumineeers offer a quick and easy solution for smile enhancement. Whether your teeth are badly stained, discolored, crooked, broken, misshapen, or you want to conceal other dental imperfections like gapes, or renew old crowns and bridge work without removing g them, Lumineers will help you achieve a beautiful smile!

Can all dentists offer Lumineers?

Not all cosmetic dentists offer Lumineers, as they need to be registered with the company that manufactures them like our head of department Dr. Habib Zarifeh. Lumineers can only be made from patented Cerinate porcelain, which is not available anywhere other than in the Cerinate Smile Design Studio in the States.

Cerec Prepless veneers

Cerec CAD/CAM Prepless Veneers are changing cosmetic dentistry!
Cerec Prepless Veneers are an exciting, relatively new way of giving you a perfect smile. They consist of custom- made ultra-thin shells that can be placed directly over existing teeth without removing any tooth enamel. Placing a traditional dental veneer often requires the removal of healthy enamel in order to create space for the veneer.
Dental Clinic Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinic is one of the first clinics in the Middle East that offer Cerec Prepless veneers. Our main goal is the preservation of natural healthy tooth structure using the most recent in dental technology.

What are the advantages of Cerec CAD CAM Dentistry?
With CAD CAM Dentistry, Our patients will have the privilege to complete their restorations
within a single visit, being able to limit time spent at the dental office, avoiding the inconvenience of temporary restorations, and enjoying the benefits of the highly aesthetic and long lasting, durable well- fitted restorations.

What is so special about CEREC prepless Veneers?
Like LUMINEERS, CAD/CAM Prepless Veneers are just another way we that we make dental care as conservative as possible!
The BIG difference is that these Veneers are prepared using the CAD CAM Technology which means that after teeth preparation, a 3D impression is taken and the veneers are prepared using the revolutionary CEREC / CAD CAM Technology.

  • No impressions,
  • No temporaries,
  • No Numbing,
  • No Drilling of your teeth,

The process of designing the shape and color of the veneers is supervised by your dentist the whole time. The result is an extremely precise, natural looking, durable restoration!
Cerec Prepless Veneers are an exciting, relatively new way of giving you a perfect smile!

Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers - Get a new smile in ONE session!
Composite veneers are used to improve the color, shape, size and texture of teeth to make them more attractive. The treatment can be completed in a single visit. To create composite veneers, composite material is applied to the front surfaces of the teeth and sculpted to the desired shape and finish under the hands of an experienced cosmetic dentist.

Our waterlase MD Turbo, the first laser in Europe and the Middle East provide our unique way of composite veneers placement with NO drilling, No pain and little or no removal of tooth structure.

Composite veneers can be used for treating a wide range of cosmetic treatments: Composite veneers are considered a minimally invasive treatment for closing gaps between teeth and, correcting chipped, crooked or damaged teeth.
Every individual is unique and has a different tooth shape, smile line and symmetry, an experienced dentist like Dr. Habib Zarifeh head of Dental Clinic Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinic will take all these factors into account when creating composite veneers therefore, in order to achieve natural looking composite veneers your dentist must have an artistic flair and the technical skills required to carry out this type of treatment.

What are the alternatives to Composite veneers?
This depends on the underlying cosmetic complaint and patient request, but in general alternatives would include porcelain restorations such as Lumineers, Cerec Veneers, or orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign or Clear Braces to close gaps and straighten crooked teeth. During your consultation you will be able to discuss all the possible options that are available to you and the difference between them.

Teeth whitening

Your smile is one of the first things people always notice about you. Are you a smoker? Do you drink coffee or soda pop? Has age done its job on your teeth and you've begun to notice a discoloration to the enamel of your teeth? Becoming self- conscience, have you started to grin with your mouth closed rather than smile without inhibition?

Teeth whitening is the quickest procedure that will help you remove yellow and browning of the enamel of your teeth and return them to the beautiful snowy white before the soda pop, the cigarettes, and other vices we have that cause our teeth to become discolored.

This process is virtually painless, and can be completed in just one visit versus several visits for other procedures. Results can be seen instantly!

Benefits of teeth whitening:
Dental Clinic Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinic offers you the best available teeth whitening technologies from Laser teeth whitening to Beyond and Sapphire whitening technologies. Our systems will give you a safe, reliable, quick and, convenient bleaching. They do not create a heating effect on the teeth being treated and are effective on stains caused by exposure to coloring foods and drinks, age yellowing and graying, and even mild tetracycline staining or flurosis.
The result is a brighter long lasting perfect white smile in less than an hour!

A whiter smile says hello a little brighter!
Beyond Polus whitening System: Dental Clinic Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinic is the first clinic in
Lebanon and the Middle East using Beyond Polus Teeth whitening technology.

The Beyond Polus has been awarded several accolades from industry leading authorities, and it holds the most stringent compliance certifications, including:

  • Editor's choice, The Dental Advisory Board, 2011
  • Dental Shopper 2012 best whitening system
  • ISO 9001 manufacturing Certificate
  • CE medical grades (Class Ia and IIa)

  • Sapphire whitening System: The sapphire bleaching system is one of the fastest and most effective professional whitening solutions on the market. Sapphire tooth bleaching program can work for just about anyone. It is clinically proven to whiten teeth 10 shades. Den-Mat supplier of the Sapphire system has been leading the way in tooth bleaching technology since 1974 and it's the same supplier of LUMINEERS.

    LaserSmile from biolase: Utilizing the laser's unique monochromatic characteristics, along with a proprietary wave-length-specific photon activated gel; the LaserSmile system provides gentle, safe, fast and effective whitening for you in just one visit! The treatment period of BIOLASE laser dentistry is significantly shorter than traditional teeth whitening procedures it only takes 24 minutes, and results are immediately apparent.

    With the systems available at Dental Clinic Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinic, discoloration that has built up over the years will be wiped away in less than 1 hour. It takes no longer than it does to get a haircut, or have a cup of coffee!

    Make your smile your most stunning feature!